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Peer Baba Syed Sameer Chisti Shah Ajmer Sharif Dargah Rajasthan India

A Believer's Perspective

Har Zarra Dil Ban Jaata Hai, Har Cheez Nazar Ho Jaati Hai
Jis Simt Woh Nazarein Uthti Hain, Kaunein Udhar Ho Jaati Hai

The Dargah of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti (R.A.) at Ajmer has made this small town the epicentre of love and devotion for devotees from across the world. And Khwaja Saheb's blessing is such that every soul who comes here to pay his respects to Khwaja Saheb finds freedom from all miseries.

Throughout the centuries, Khwaja Saheb's principles and virtues have been passed onto others in search of the eternal truth by his descendants. Among them is one such divine voice and a mentor to thousands, Sufi Peer Baba Syed Sameer Chishti (Shah) Saheb. His simplicity is itself a message to his followers. He lives and breathes Khwaja Saheb's message of love and devotion in his every action. And this comes as a natural extension of Peer Baba's unequalled love for Khwaja Saheb.

To many who seek to feel the legacy of Khwaja Saheb, Peer Baba's personality provides a feeling of everlasting peace. In Peer Baba's company, one can almost experience the spiritual presence of Khwaja Saheb. To the true seekers with a pure heart, every second lived with Peer Baba is a unique spiritual journey where one experiences everything from the Holy Prophet Mohammad's (S.A.W.) life and beliefs to the intense love for Khwaja Saheb to the realisation of the real Islam. And of course, one is left with the divine satisfaction of having embarked on the true path of ultimately finding oneself close to God and in one's own heart. And there lies the real Jannath (heaven).

In today's materialistic world, where everyone is driven by one worldly desire or the other, we invite you to find a little time for your own self and join us in this spiritual quest. Discover a deep spiritual satisfaction in the company of those who are the closest to Allah. These mystics who have immersed themselves in the depths of the holy Qura'an are the only ones who can guide us in being closer to Allah.

And this is precisely what we blessed followers of Peer Baba have experienced. We want to share this with you because Khwaja Saheb always believed that knowledge has to be supported by deeds. And you shall find that your sufferings will be left behind. It is Peer Baba's true desire that he is able to extend his blessings to as many seekers of this eternal truth without any difference of faith or religion. He has always preached that the surest path to reach Allah is that of love, and all traditions are tolerated because anyone is capable of expressing love for Allah.

It has been our humble attempt to capture through this bayaan (article) the essence of Peer Baba's message. We wish Allah helps us succeed in this endeavour.

Aashiqan-e- Sufi Peer Baba Syed Sameer Chishty (Shah) Saheb.

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