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History of Dargah Ajmer Sharif, Information about the History of Ajmer Dargah, History

Info History of Ajmer City India, Info about the History of Ajmer Sharif Dargah India

Information about the History of Ajmer Dargah, History

Ajmer pronunciation (help·info) (Hindi: अजमेर ) is a city in Ajmer District in India's Rajasthan state. Ajmer is a very beautiful city, since it is surrounded by the mountain by all sides. You can run your eyes through 360 degrees and you will find the spectacular Aravali Mountains. Ajmer, also known as Ajaymeru, was the city which was ruled by Prithviraj Chauhan. Its population was approximately 500,000 in 2001. The city gives its name to a district, and also to a former province of British India called Ajmer-Merwara, which, after India's independence, became the state of Ajmer until November 1, 1956, when it was merged into Rajasthan state.


It is situated in 26° 27, N. lat. and 74° 44, E. long., on the lower slopes of Taragarh hill, in the Aravalli Range. To the north of the city is a large artificial lake, called Anasagar, adorned with a marble structure called Baradari. Ajmer is an ancient crowded city with modern developments in the outskirts.


Ajmer is at an important railway junction with Broad gauge lines to Jaipur and Marwar, Ahmedabad and Mumbai onwards to Banglore and a Metre gauge line subject to conversion under Project Unigauge to Udaipur. The railway complex includes a major workshop. The railway has helped the city as a trade center for manufactured goods including wool textiles, hosiery, shoes, soap, and pharmaceuticals.Poultary Farming is a major source of income for the urban farmers.The near by town of Kishangarh is one of the biggest seller market for marble and marble products.Ajmer is well connected with the national highway.and only 135 km from the Swai Mansingh international airport at Jaipur.


Ajmer (Ajaya-meru in Sanskrit) was founded in the seventh century CE by Dushyant Chauhan. He established the Chauhan dynasty which continued to rule the country while repeated waves of Turkish invasion swept across India. Ajmer was conquered by Muhammad of Ghor, founder of the Delhi Sultanate, in 1193. Its internal government, however, was handed over to the Chauhan rulers upon the payment of a heavy tribute to the conquerors. Ajmer then remained feudatory to Delhi until 1365, when it was captured by the ruler of Mewar. In 1509 Ajmer became a source of contention between the maharajas of Mewar and Marwar, and was ultimately conquered by the Marwar ruler in 1532. Ajmer was conquered by the Mughal emperor Akbar in 1559.

 It continued to be in the hands of the Mughals, with occasional revolts, till 1770, until it ceded to the Marathas. From that time up to 1818 Ajmer was the scene of an ongoing struggle, being seized at different times by the Mewar and the Marwar maharajas, from whom it was often retaken by the Marathas. In 1818 the Marathas sold Ajmer to the East India Company for 50,000 rupees. Since then Ajmer has enjoyed stable governance even though during the 1857 War of Independence, some Indian sepoys at the garission in the nearby town of Nasirabad joined the revolt. In the British Raj, Ajmer was governed by an Agent to the Governor General [AGG] overseeing Rajputana. After independence in 1947, Ajmer retained its position as a centrally administrated state under a Chief Commissioner for some time. Ajmer was eventually merged with the State of Rasjasthan.

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